The Great Gay Reads: An Introduction

So I suppose this is an introduction to my new blog, hello! I will be reading throughout the year and quite possibly beyond (lets see how we go for now though) all sorts of gay novels/books from across the globe and the ages looking to find The Great Gay Reads.

So what’s the point?

I suppose people might be asking what the point is. In a nutshell I think unless you live in certain big cities or know people in the industry its not that easy to find ‘great’ gay fiction. If you are in London you are lucky enough to have book shops like Gays The Word (a fabulous institution) and sections in shops like Prowler and Clone Zone, which of course some other cities have.

What about bookshops, the internet and press?

In answer to that question I can only really speak from my experience frankly when I walk into a bookstore I have to admit I don’t go and by the latest gay fiction, mainly because I never know what it is and I work on the outskirts of the publishing industry.. Yes you can use the joys of the internet but it doesn’t bring up much I googled ‘gay books’, ‘gay reads’ and ‘great gay reads’ and found some lists on Amazon, The Big Gay Read from 2006 and that was about it. I also don’t really know the classics apart from Oscar Wilde, Armistead Maupin etc I dont know many others, and what about the new authors or ones you might have missed? They aren’t really featured in the press too much and there is only so much space a magazine can give.

So why did I want to do this?

Well… I am an admitted book-a-holic, I can barely walk past a book shop, charity shop, second hand book store, without going in and having a perusal. Having been to nights such as Polari and The Lavender Library I have seen there is a world of gay authors and books out there that I hadn’t heard of before. I also know many people who feel the same and frankly we should know more and should be celebrating gay fiction shouldn’t we? I have an inkling that there is some really good stuff out there that is often missed or overlooked or possibly not printed anymore. I have also got some of the big publishers onside already so am feeling very hopeful. I also saw that The Picture of Dorian Grey was coming out on film so I thought it was the perfect time. Plus I thought it was something different and I would read it if I wasnt writing it if that makes sense!

Can I have your input please?

Yes that’s right this isn’t going to be all about me, me, me. I want to hear from you, have you got a favourite gay novel/memoir/author that you want the world to know about? Are you a gay author who wants to sing from the tree tops about your work and the works that inspire you? If so do get in touch as would love to hear your ideas, thoughts and contributions. You can contact me here Hope that all made sense?


~ by greatgayreads on January 1, 2009.

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