The Gay Book Group

So today was my visit to the Gay Book Group (not actually the book groups name you understand) I have to admit I was quite nervous, I mean I know my stuff about books but I’ve never been asked to talk about it in front of a big group of people before and this was quite a popular book group.

I wouldn’t say that American Psycho is a cult gay book; I am puzzled where that seems to have come from and the guys agreed. However we discussed the fact that maybe Patrick Bateman might actually be gay as there are interesting bits of the book that suggest something more maybe going on with him than just the sleeping with and slaying of women, oh and he kills a few gay men along the way! Their will be a review in a few days on my other blog but I don’t think it quite qualifies for this one.

It’s really interesting for me to see how long people can talk about a book for and these guys managed a good two hours. It want pretentious no one dominated, they choose their books in a fair way it was great. I felt a little out of my depth but soon we were off, they wanted to know how you review a book properly, I explained as have on here that they had all done that themselves by voicing opinions and there is no right or wrong.

Highlight and bonding moment of the day had to be when one of the late arrivals walked in with an older woman who I thought was his mother. They then sat miles apart. She muttered something about ‘oh is it all men’ and then sat and listened to the conversation. We were all a bit puzzled however the venue, a Waterstones, had put an advert up in the hallway saying the group was on. Just after she sat down we started to talk about the gay connotations in the novel and the graphic horrific violent slaying scenes. Within minutes she stood up and announced ‘none of this is interesting to me AT ALL’ and left! We all had a good chuckle.

It was a brilliant experience, I tried something new and I came away with a few new future buddies, a new book group to go to and a list of recommended books that I should add to my already incredibly long list of books that I need to read in the next few months.


~ by greatgayreads on January 9, 2009.

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