Research & Parcels

Well as you will see from the pictures below I have been hard at work, and I havent even started reading anything yet! Yes the research on various sites is leading me astray and I am finding so many more books out there than I thought I would, am wondering if might have bitten of slightly more than I can chew? Might have to look at what exactly constitutes a gay read over the next few days, any suggestions let me know! As you can see this research is being done with the most important tool… a nice cuppa tea on the go!

Oh and some other news, have spoken to a few of the big publishers and they seem really keen to be involved. In fact one was so keen that I have already received a parcel! The lovely people at Vintage have sent me The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde (fabulous cover), In Search of the Missing Eyelash by Karen McLeod (who I wanted to befriend and possibly stalk at the Lavendar Library) and Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates… but thats for my other book blog. So a big thanks to them for being so keen!

…Better get reading really hadn’t I?!


~ by greatgayreads on January 25, 2009.

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