Well I Never…

I know I said I would put up a review of Julia Darling’s Crocodile Soup today but after a conversation with a man about a book group I have postponed that until tomorrow. Anyway in my researching I decided to see what ‘Gay Book Groups’ I could find and ask the organisers a few questions. One group were particularily receptive and invited me to come and meet them, see the book group in action and then TALK TO THEM about books. I said that was fine and would be honoured to and asked them what the book group was reading this month. Not being stereotypical, well ok a bit, I thought it might be Maurice or At Swim, Two Boys no it is in fact Breat Easton Ellis’ American Psycho which I was told has become a cult gay read. i have to say I had not heard that before, is that the case? I will be finding out anyway as I have to read the book before I attend the group. If it is the case then it might send Great Gay Reads into some chaos. Hmmm, its certainly something to think about. Then again The Wizard of Oz wasnt intentionally set out to become a gay classic film and look what happened there!?!


~ by greatgayreads on February 1, 2009.

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