What Makes A Great Gay Read?

I have naturally been asking a lot of my friends to check the blog see what they think and what the like and don’t like. It took one of my friends Novel Insights to ask me a question I probably should have answered in the first week. What exactly, for me, makes a Great Gay Read?

In all honesty for me the question should simply be what makes a great read full stop. It doesn’t matter if it’s straight or gay, if its crime or historical, if it’s what is deemed chick lit or literary the same rules should apply. It doesn’t matter what I am reading, for me – and note I am saying for me it must have the following;

– Fully three dimensional characters, be they nice nasty or in between.
– I want to escape and be away from me, not suddenly aware I am reading a book
– I want to care about what happens be it good or bad, not be left nonchalant
– To feel like it ‘was worth it’, I put in hours to read I want it to count
– It needs to have reality even if it’s dramatic, science fiction or improbable
– The speech is important, one line where I think ‘they wouldn’t say that’ and its over
– Plot… it doesn’t have to be spectacular but I don’t want far fetched or nothingness
– Emotive like I said I want to care not cry, I like books with passion and emotion even if it’s about soling shoes

If there is an evil or dotty old lady or two in the novel the more I will love it. Ha, that last bits a joke but you get my gist. These are my rules for good reading they might not be the same as yours but in reviews this is what I will be looking for.


~ by greatgayreads on February 11, 2009.

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