I have to admit that I am not the biggest re-reader of books; I know that some readers will visit a particular book each and every year without fail. I am not one of those people, I suppose in my head there are so many books coming out (excuse the pun) all the time that to read and re-reading means that you are missing out on some possible new gems that you haven’t had the joy of finding before. There is also the worry that you might not love the book as much as you did before, and that could mean losing its charm forever. However doing this project is making me do just that. The first books I am due to re-read are Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City series and I am a bit nervous about it.

When I was in my late teens about ten years ago the Tales of the City along with Edmund White’s books were the ones I dipped into as I came to terms with being gay. In that sense they meant double to me and I honestly believed they were teaching me everything I needed to know for my gay life as I grew up… not quite the case. I wanted a best friend like Mary Ann Singleton that I could have crazy adventures with. I wanted a landlady just like Anna Madrigal that would be nosey enough that I knew she cared and kooky enough that we could become friends to. I totally immersed myself into the world of Barbary Lane and didn’t want to leave.

So with the end of Pilcrow not it in too far distant future, as am reading it fairly fast (it is very big) but not so fast I miss anything or come to the end too soon, I am getting a bit pensive about heading back to Barbary Lane, ten years older, ten years more of experience in life and ten years more cynical. I really hope it either takes me back to those days, or that I find even more things to love about it that maybe I didn’t quite get last time. I suppose time will tell.


~ by greatgayreads on April 21, 2009.

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