A Wilde Break in London

I am going to start today’s blog post simply with a picture of me reading The Picture of Dorian Gray recently whilst I was on a sensational weekend break away in London (I know I live in London but this was a very different bit of London).

A Picture Reading The Picture

Nothing remarkable in the picture so I hear you cry “why Simon are you blogging with a picture of you reading The Picture of Dorian Gray?” Well it’s all about the detail so adding the fact that the sofa I am sat on is indeed in the room that Oscar Wilde used to stay in and treat as a home from home and indeed got arrested in then it adds a slightly sensational twist doesn’t it?

 Oscars Room... And Then Savidge Reads Room

I was there partly for Work II and normally I don’t blog about that job etc on here (soon you will be able to read much more about that and other non book Simon stuff as am setting up a new blog more info when its all ready) but as it tied in with books and also so much with the Victorian era and the sensation era I couldn’t not pop it on Savidge Reads. 

The Cadogan HotelThe Cadogan Hotel is in deepest Knightsbridge and seriously it’s the perfect area to be deeply engrossed in a sensation novel (and I do think that actually The Picture of Dorian Gray should be included as sensation, more on that tomorrow though) as you feel, if you wander down the backstreets, that you could actually be in a Wilkie Collins/Charles Dickens novel apart from the occasional Porsche or Ferrari (well it is a rich area) passing by. 

Going in the hotel and actually staying in the rooms that Oscar Wilde frequented is actually like going back in time. The hotel is one of the oldest in London and you genuinely feel like Oscar could actually walk in the door at any moment. The Converted One found it very, very difficult to drag me out of the drawing rooms, especially as they had full bookshelves. I also spent a lot of time relaxing and reading as you can see…

Savidge Reads Reading The Smallest Book of Quotes Ever!

Oh and what’s that lovely little book I am reading? It’s a little book of Oscar’s quotes the hotel gives its guests. So not only did we relax, sleep and read in Oscar’s room and manage to immerse myself even further in the Sensation period (am slightly concerned if go in any further may never want to come back) I also got a free book! What more could you want?


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