Radclyffe Hall at Highgate

I know the last month or so has been a little light on reviews and things so I do apologise. Its a mi of two jobs, being away quite a lot and now taking on some volunteering. I like to keep busy I have no excuses and dont deserve any sympathy, well maybe just a little.

My new volunteering role is going to be as a guide at Highgate Cemetery. Some of you may have heard of it and some of you may not but its a wonderful place (if you can call a cemetery such a thing) in the north of London, though admittedly you do have to hunt for it, which time seems to have forgotten since the Victorian Period.

Here you have writers such as George Elliott, Douglas Adams, Ellen Wood to name a few in their final resting place. Another author that you can find here, and from the flowers near her vault it seems many of you do, is Radclyffe Hall who of course wrote the infamous book The Well of Loneliness. I went on a tour to find out more about the place and thought I would take a photo for you all so you could see where she is and know where to go if you wanted to pay homage to this spot at some point.

I think that The Well of Loneliness is one I will have to read whilst between tours on my shifts here. Having her not far away whilst I read the book seems sort of appropriate in some way I think.


~ by greatgayreads on September 29, 2009.

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