Belated Happy 2010

Sorry that I haven’t done any posts for a while. I didn’t even leave you one with Happy Christmas on it shame on me, so now before I go any further let me wish you a very Happy New Year and a wonderful 2010. I think that might call for some fireworks or something…

OK, so I went with balloons… There you go. more classy. With the craze that is Christmas and the very possibly slightly (I won’t lie to you) drunken festivities of New Year I have been a little bit crazy busy and so I do apologise. I would say there is a post coming up soon but at the moment I am reading a giant doorstep of a Murakami for my book group and after that I am not quite sure where I should go next. I think I shall put a post up later this week of possible books I could read next and you can maybe whittle them down and recommend which ones I should or shouldn’t read? Sound a plan?

In the meantime New Year means resolutions and here are my bookish ones for 2010…

  • 2010 is all about reading on a whim. Challenges, long lists and read-a-thons (unless they fit in with a whim) are out and other than the one book group choice each month.
  • Get to know the books I own and not buy any more until that’s done.
  • Read more books in translation.
  • Discover lots of new authors, I already own.
  • Try more short story collections and novellas.
  • Read more non-fiction, end of (which the above will help with)
  • Carry on with the classics and read more of the books I have been meaning to for years, like ‘Maurice’.
  • Be tougher, if I don’t like it stop reading it.
  • Devour some books from and about Brazil. As I might be moving there in 2011 it would be good to know a lot more about it.

What about you? What are your bookish resolutions?


~ by greatgayreads on January 4, 2010.

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