My Side of the Story – Will Davis

I hadn’t heard of Will Davis until ‘My Side of the Story’ caught my eye in a shop some time ago and I kept thinking I must get round to getting that. Then when I got it I kept thinking that I really should get round to reading it and now I finally have. I didn’t know what to expect of this debut novel, the fact that it won the Betty Task Prize in 2007 seemed like a good sign though.

My Side of the Story is the story of Jaz a young man coming to terms with his sexuality. Well he has come to terms with his sexuality it seems to be the world and his wife that haven’t. Apart from his best friend (or dare I say fag-hag) Al who will happily go to gay bars with him and is up for any adventure or drama that befalls them. This is quite a good thing as many a drama does indeed befall them and the hapless pair get into some unusual situations including running away.

I don’t want to give too much away with this book as it would spoil some of the outrageously over the top moments which also make you laugh out loud and this is some of the books greatest charm. As well as laugh out loud moments such as teachers in leather chaps (see you must have grinned at that thought) this is also the tale of Jaz falling in love for the first time and how he deals with all the new emotions it creates in him.

This isn’t the most literary book about coming out, coming of age or being a teenager but despite some of the very ‘out there’ drama it isn’t far off what its like to be a young man growing up gay and all it entails. Well it’s been almost a decade since I was in that situation but I remember it being every hormonal and fuelled with drama and the like, don’t you? It’s witty, highly readable and thoroughly entertaining. Has anyone read the latest Will Davis book, I am tempted to try it but slightly dubious by the premise. Do let me know if you have, or what you thought of this funny and entertaining read.


~ by greatgayreads on January 17, 2010.

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